About Us

Brought together to share honest information about recovery from addiction, mental health, and other related topics.


We wanted to create a way to deliver honest and relevant information to those impacted by addiction and mental health disorders. Our personal and professional experiences have taught us that finding unbiased and understandable information about addiction and mental health recovery is a challenge, especially for those in crisis. We also recognize that there aren’t many outlets for those in recovery to receive information about alternative resources or hear the voices of others.
Our intention is to provide the most honest information from various, and often conflicting, perspectives in the field. You deserve to know the truth about your options and the resources available so you can make more informed decisions about your recovery and wellness.

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Meet the Team


Kris West

Media Specialist


Kris West has worked in the recovery industry for six years and is currently employed at a treatment center in Las Vegas, NV. Between working in the industry and loving a family member in active addiction, he continues to have questions about the disease of addiction and the process of recovery.

Outside of his experience with recovery, Kris is an avid consumer and creator of media with a particular interest in film, photography, podcasts, and music. He attended film school and has created short films. Additionally, Kris is a drummer, a talented photographer and a film maker.

This podcast is the intersection of his passion and interests, creating a place to explore and learn through honest conversations with both experts in the field, individuals in recovery, and organizations serving those in recovery and struggling with addiction. He is passionate about creating authentic dialogue and is fearless in his pursuit of truth. Kris is originally from Southern California and he has lived in Las Vegas for the past 16 years.


Chelsey Mony


Chelsey Mony is a woman in long-term recovery and a Las Vegas native. Her Life revolves around giving back to the recovery community in many ways. She is a Project Director at the Foundation for Recovery for the Nevada Statewide Recovery network Project, advocating and education at a state level on peer support and recovery-related topics. Chelsey is also a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Trainer, a Suicide ASIST interventionist, a SafeTALK Prevention Registered Trainer, on the Southern Nevada HBarm Reduction Alliance, and a Reiki Master. When she’s not working in recovery, she takes the stage starring in recovery musicals. She is passionate about social justice issues, enjoys vegan food, loves to travel and is obsessed with her French Bulldog.