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The Podcast Format

We wanted to keep things as entertaining and informative as possible for our listeners. So, for many of our guest episodes, we may also be doing a roundtable discussion to provide more information about the topic. 

These discussions will include our personal opinions, why the topic may be controversial, and some objective information to keep our audience up on the latest trends in the field. 



Recover Everything

Honest information and conversations about all things related to recovery from addiction, mental health, and other related topics.

Episode 1

Nice to Meet Me
Hosts: Kris West, Caitlin, and Dr. Sarah
Topic: In this episode, you will get to know a little bit about your hosts and the show format! Welcome and enjoy!

Episode 2

Recovery PAC
Co-Host: Dr. Sarah
Guest: Monica Chairez, Political Coordinator

Episode 3

Hosts: Kris West, Caitlin, and Dr. Sarah
Topic: Recovery PAC Roundtable Discussion with your hosts!

Episode 4

Spiritual Counselor
Co-Host: Dr. Sarah
Guest: Tyson Kern, Spiritual Counselor

Episode 5

Endure LV
Co-Host: Caitlin
Guest: Brittani Sitar with Endure LV

Episode 6

Will Allphin (The Foundation for Recovery)
Co-Host: Dr. Sarah
Guest: Will Allphin

Episode 7

Joseph Engle (There is No Hero in Heroin)
Co-Host: Dr. Sarah
Guest: Joseph Engle

Episode 8

The Holiday Episode
Hosts: Kris, Caitlin, & Dr. Sarah
Topic: Tips on how to get through the holiday season while maintaining your sanity and recovery

Episode 10

The Honorable Cedric Kerns
Co-Host: Caitlin
Guest: Judge Cedric Kerns with the Las Vegas YO Court

Episode 9

Eden Pastor and Art Therapy
Co-Host: Caitlin
Guest: Eden Pastor, Licensed Art Therapist in Las Vegas, NV